The Find Your Fierce Tour has come to an end...
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Join almost 5,000 women in the Find your Fierce Movement online community and receive tools, insight, and strategy to get paid for what you know...
For The Woman Who Is Ready To...
Come Get the 4 Steps To Start Your Business
or Grow Your Business So That You Can….
Do You Have A...
A Desire To Take Your Business To The Next Level
or To Start a Business, but You Aren't Sure Where To Start?
Growing Your Gift into A
Revenue Generating Business
Shouldn't Be Difficult!
As a matter of fact...

You have a God-given gift that is MEANT to serve this world
and a message that can make a difference
AND make you MONEY. So....
Your FIERCE is the very way you were born in this world 
pre-wired to live abundantly.

The question is, 
are you ready to learn all you need
to go after the abundance with your name on it?
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2pm - 6pm
Find Your fierce experience workshop details
Registration & Networking
(30 minutes)

Find Your FIERCE Workshop
"FBI" (Fierce Brand Influencers) Panel
Laser Coaching and Q&A
(3 hours)

Post-Event Networking Reception
(1 Hour)

*Exact location & other details will be
provided via email after you secure your seat
There is a call of exponential excellence and impact on your life, and it’s one you cannot continue to ignore. You may be dabbling in it right now, but we both know you’re not playing full out.

So what’s REALLY going on?
YES!  It’s Time for you to FIND YOUR FIERCE!
Come and connect with women who are really ready to move past dreaming about their passion to actually making it REAL as you get the proven success strategy to push you past inspiration and ideas and into ACTION.
What are you here for? If this is the question that has you tossing and turning in the sheets at night, you can’t afford to miss this intense session. Be prepared to not only discover your calling, but also learn how you are underestimating the value of your DNA (Distinct Natural Ability).
That gift in you is not for YOU! It is for a group of people out there WHO NEED YOU! Matter of fact THEY ARE WAITING FOR YOU! In order to move into truly bankrolling your brilliance you have to know the exact people that need you and HOW & WHY they need you. In this powerful section Nicole shows how to motivate the group of people you are assigned to, to take action.
You have to know that people will pay you more for what you know than what you do! Nicole shows you how to speak to the result so that your people will hear how your purpose is the VERY answer they have been looking for. What promise can you give them that will make their lives or business better than where they are right now? How will you be their shift? #BeTheANSWER
Your DNA, your gift, expertise and message can be packaged into so many incredible, profitable products that touch lives and make a difference in the world. Nicole walks you through the very thing you need to move from having a gift in you, to being the answer you were born to be in this world, while you generate multiple streams of income just from being YOU!
By Finding Your FIERCE, 
you’ll be positioned to prosper, 
you’ll feel powerful and most importantly 
you’ll be set in motion to stand unapologetically in your purpose.

The very reason you were put on this earth!
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