For The Woman Who Is Ready To...
Come Get the 4 Steps To Start Your Business
or Grow Your Business So That You Can….
EXPAND Your Territory!
MASTER Your Significance!
OWN Your Power!
LIVE Your Truth!
CASH IN On Your Calling!
Do You Have A...
A Desire To Take Your Business To The Next Level
or To Start a Business, but You Aren't Sure Where To Start?
Growing Your Gift into A
Revenue Generating Business
Shouldn't Be Difficult!
As a matter of fact...

You have a God-given gift that is MEANT to serve this world
and a message that can make a difference
AND make you MONEY. So....
What if I told you that you have the key to not only bless you but that your very gift is the answer someone is waiting for? What if I told you that the very thing you are GREAT at could lead you to your destiny, would you dare to Find Your FIERCE?
What if I told you that your inability to move forward to design the life and/or business that you have been dreaming about and talking to everybody about, that you only need one thing to get started?

What if I told you it was a step by step system which moves your gift into the very answer a group of people are looking for and will pay for?

I call this your FIERCE Formula and it doesn't matter who you are, where you are from, what levels you've reached, or what business you're in. I'm coming to a city near you to not just challenge you to live as the highest and best version of who you were created to be, but to give you the tools and the system to go after that abundance with your name on it! YES IT’S TIME!
Over the last 25 plus years, I've worked with successful entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches, authors, celebrities and corporate executives to bankroll their brilliance. What I will share with you in this one day workshop is the strategies and powerful techniques that have helped thousands to not only find their FIERCE, but to learn how to get paid simply by being YOU! 

Your FIERCE is the very way you were born in this world 
pre-wired to live abundantly.

The question is, 
are you ready to learn all you need
to go after the abundance with your name on it?
Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
...To share insight from their journey to live unapologetically
in their FIERCE and get PAID for it!

Meet Our City FBI Team!
(FBI = Fierce Brand Influencers)
Noni is the inspiring founder of The Diva Movement, a business and leadership development organization for women. The rapid growth of this organization is a result of her gift to nurture the strengths and passions of women.

With a passion for uplifting and encouraging women, Noni Banks founded The DIVA Movement with the mission of empowering, inspiring and motivating women to thrive.

“The difference between who you are and what you want to become is what you do.”
NONI BANKS - (Columbus Experience)
Eman Eltobgy is Secretary and Director of Strategic Outreach and Public Relations for one of the most effective charitable foundations, Power of Women Ohio Inc, a rising non-profit organization based in Columbus, Ohio. 

Concentrated on exquisitely combining fashion and philanthropy through a national network of young female professionals, Eman combines talent and awareness to increase consciousness of humanitarian causes affecting women internationally. POW continuously demonstrates that by hosting events ‘by women for women’, fashion can no longer be bound to a runway; rather, it is a platform for aid, advocacy, and a free-spirited unity.
EMAN ELTOBGY - (Columbus Experience)
LaShawn Reed-Kendricks, MBA is the President of Essentials 4 Success and Founder of Success Her Way. After many years of working in entrepreneurial support organizations, she decided to embrace her passion of supporting women entrepreneurs by helping them build a solid business foundation, increase their income and use their business to create the life they’ve always desired to have.

Essentials 4 Success was created to educate and empower women entrepreneurs; through coaching programs to help them design a strategic roadmap to achieve their idea of success. 
LASHAWN REED-KENDRICKS - (Columbus Experience)
Carlotta’s career highlights include spearheading Walmart’s sponsorship of the ESSENCE Festival, the world’s largest cultural gathering of African Americans, raising $2MM for the activation, improving brand reputation and sales among client targets, and increasing sales by 200% for participating partners. She also managed Tavis Smiley’s America I AM: The African American Imprint national exhibition tour, supervised a Chrysler International multi-national advertising and catalog program for 57 countries, facilitated the international launch of the Chrysler minivan catalog and CRM initiatives, and implemented the largest collective of recognition programs in the world, the GM Dealer Recognition Programs.
CARLOTTA TUTT - (Detroit Experience)
Baptized into the world of Digital Marketing and Sales at the explosion of businesses online in 2002, I have leveraged Ebay to grow retail sales, taught and managed dealerships with the launch of in Detroit in 2003, followed by kicking off the revolution of online e-commerce sales at in 2011, followed by 5 years at a IT Staffing and Consulting company where I molded every aspect of sales and marketing as the Marketing Director all before it became cool to work in an industry that did not exist 20 years prior.
KATRINA TURNBOW - (Detroit Experience)
After relocating from Detroit to Chicago Tee took an unsure plunge into entrepreneurship by starting a personal styling and shopping service. Unknowingly, this was the start of her now ten-year journey in the fashion and image consulting industry.
Outside of styling and creative directing projects, Tee is the visionary behind women’s fashion brand @flybehavior, the lead creative consultant for @icreatechic, which is a branding and visual aesthetic agency. She is also the founder of @thefashiondistricttour, the first and only hands-on boutique buyers educational experience.
TEE CAPEL - (Detroit Experience)
Barbara is a faith-based entrepreneur and founder of Barbara Rodriguez Co., offering a multitude of beauty services. Her mission is to be present, passionate and purposeful in every beauty experience. She emphasizes on the importance of self-worth with every person she encounters and reminding them to be a good steward over their God-given beauty. All the meanwhile she makes every experience therapeutic, letting every person know that they are quintessential (representing the most perfect example of quality), making it known that this their true identity in God.
BARBARA RODRIGUEZ - (Boston Experience)
With over 5 years of combined experience in Event Planning, Coordination & Design, The Social Butterflies have influenced the millennials of Boston to celebrate all the special experiences in life. Paige & Valerie focused their joint passion of entertaining to start The Social Butterflies in May 2017. With several local charity events, social gatherings and private parties all with unique themes and stunning decor at excellent venues, we focus on the “big picture philosophy” as well as the sophistication and fine details of every event. Through networking in their major city and laying out a beautiful Instagram, The Social Butterflies following continues to grow.
THE SOCIAL BUTTERFLIES - (Boston Experience)
Sheena Collier is a super-connector, a strategist, and CEO of The Collier Connection (TCC).

Through TCC, she focuses on creating an ecosystem in Boston that connects people of color to resources, information, and each other. She also plans strategic events for businesses, organizations, and brands that are built on relationships, and focused on experiences. Through 15 years of experience, Sheena has delivered over 100 successful events -  from small
networking dinners to 500-person conferences.

From Albany, NY to Spelman College to Harvard University to being a professional in DC & Boston, she has created a strong network, which she leverages daily in support of others.
SHEENA COLLIER - (Boston Experience)
Jade is the creator of the #BossInHeelsApproved movement where she empowers females to “Walk it like they talk it” and in order to do hard work you must do heart work. Jade has helped hundreds of mission driven women and the heart centered men transform self- doubt into confidence. With her mission to empower people to embrace triumph through adversity so they may inspire others with their stories. 
JADE MELVIN - (Boston Experience)
Antavia Cherry is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at
Greensboro.  While teaching she participated in a Hair and Beauty competition (another of her passions), where she won 1st Place and received a full scholarship to Cosmetology School! 

She is now a licensed Cosmetologist and Salon Owner! She is a Wardrobe Stylist and the Beauty Director for several Fashion and Community Events. She loves being a speaker and panelist to various groups on Beauty, Self Esteem, Goal-Setting and Preparing for the Future!
ANTAVIA CHERRY - (Charlotte Experience)
Ticora is an intellectual property attorney and business strategist, and the founder of both The Creator’s Law Firm, a disruptive virtual law firm that helps small business owners protect their smarts, and Revolutionary Creative, an enterprising online community of rebellious, creative entrepreneurs. Because of her innovative work, she has been featured on VH1, Facebook Community Boost, The Rising Tide Society, Black Enterprise and WeddingWire World.
TICORA DAVIS - (Charlotte Experience)
Andrea Bertrand was born in upstate NY, and raised in Richmond, VA. She started playing basketball at a young age which earned her a scholarship to Concord University in West Virginia, where she double majored in Marketing and Accounting. With one year of eligibility left in collegiate sports, she went on to pursue her Master's at Wingate University in North Carolina and earned a MBA with a marketing concentration. She currently works as a digital and social media specialist for a commercial real estate company, co-hosts a sports podcast: Pumps N Penalties, and is the owner of Pretty Honest Candles. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling with her husband and staying active.
ANDREA BERTRAND - (Charlotte Experience)
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Get Naked:The Hidden Drive Behind Business Success
In this 4 part audio training, Nicole shares all about what truly happens in the heart and soul of an inspired woman who decides to move into her next level, overcoming anything standing in her way and which allows her to rise both publicly and privately. It is a transparent, open and honest dialogue around what it takes to GROW you so that your professional self can elevate you into the places you are MEANT to go and the way you were MEANT to serve the world.
2pm - 6pm
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Registration & Networking
(30 minutes)

Find Your FIERCE Workshop
"FBI" (Fierce Brand Influencers) Panel
Laser Coaching and Q&A
(3 hours)

Post-Event Networking Reception
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*Exact location & other details will be
provided via email after you secure your seat
CEO of The Writing Doctor
“I was able to quit my day job and focus on my FIERCE Full time within one year of working with Nicole”
Before working with Nicole I did not even believe in coaching … I hired her because I knew from one conversation with her that she not only had the expertise to help me reach my goals, she also had the tenacity, drive and insight I needed. As a result of working with Nicole, my business “idea” was transformed into a strategically operating company with three streams of income. It is impossible to assign a value to the things I learned, accomplished and birthed while working with Nicole.

Founder, CHICA Project
“Nicole really pushed me to start my program.”
After one meeting with her, where I thought I was just going to brainstorm about a program I wanted to start in the future, I walked away with action steps and dates to start my program NOW and within 3 months I launched my program. I’ve created a youth organization with her guidance, support and coaching. Nicole, continue doing what you are doing.
There is a call of exponential excellence and impact on your life, and it’s one you cannot continue to ignore. You may be dabbling in it right now, but we both know you’re not playing full out.

So what’s REALLY going on?
You’re handcuffed to the hustle and caught in the vicious cycle of trading your time for dollars in your business.
You have this stirring in your soul. You want more. You need more.
You know there is more for you besides going to your 9 to 5 and are ready to create your exit strategy.
You have a desire to create additional revenue streams in your business & leverage your expertise and you just don’t know where you start.
You have this incredible idea—a transformational message that will undoubtedly change lives but you have no clue how to get it out there.
You have no clue how to stand out in the ocean of entrepreneurs who do what you do.
If any of these are YOU,
it’s time to stop talking, hiding, 
doubting, apologizing and dreaming.
Lifetime TV’s Super Nanny
"Nicole’s uncanny ability to pull out the best in you so that not only your life is changed but also the lives of your clients are transformed."
Founder & CEO, Grateful Woman
It was Nicole’s idea for me to do a TeleSummit (I had no idea what that was) based on what I had said I wanted (have a viable business, and not do this alone).. Nicole coaching is marriage of powerful and gentle, and she absolutely can transform your life or business, from the inside out.
Speaker, Author & the 21st Century Woman Coach
I was immediately able to connect with Nicole. I felt like she got me and what I was trying to accomplish! My biggest ah ha moment from working with Nicole was her ability to help me with a systemic approach. I have all of these ideas and I’m trying to do them all at once. She took the pressure off of me in having to figure it all out and kept me moving forward. Thank you Nicole for being smart and knowledgeable and for meeting my expectations!!!
Breakthrough Specialist, CEO, Motivating The Masses
Motivating the Masses increased the impact of our content by over 175% when Nicole started to apply her content system to our curriculum development. It’s created a tipping point in all of our offerings.
YES!  It’s Time for you to FIND YOUR FIERCE!
Come and connect with women who are really ready to move past dreaming about their passion to actually making it REAL as you get the proven success strategy to push you past inspiration and ideas and into ACTION.
What are you here for? If this is the question that has you tossing and turning in the sheets at night, you can’t afford to miss this intense session. Be prepared to not only discover your calling, but also learn how you are underestimating the value of your DNA (Distinct Natural Ability).
That gift in you is not for YOU! It is for a group of people out there WHO NEED YOU! Matter of fact THEY ARE WAITING FOR YOU! In order to move into truly bankrolling your brilliance you have to know the exact people that need you and HOW & WHY they need you. In this powerful section Nicole shows how to motivate the group of people you are assigned to, to take action.
You have to know that people will pay you more for what you know than what you do! Nicole shows you how to speak to the result so that your people will hear how your purpose is the VERY answer they have been looking for. What promise can you give them that will make their lives or business better than where they are right now? How will you be their shift? #BeTheANSWER
Your DNA, your gift, expertise and message can be packaged into so many incredible, profitable products that touch lives and make a difference in the world. Nicole walks you through the very thing you need to move from having a gift in you, to being the answer you were born to be in this world, while you generate multiple streams of income just from being YOU!
By Finding Your FIERCE, 
you’ll be positioned to prosper, 
you’ll feel powerful and most importantly 
you’ll be set in motion to stand unapologetically in your purpose.

The very reason you were put on this earth!
Nicole Roberts Jones, widely known for her FIERCE Formula is unapologetic…..
When she stepped into her purpose in 1993, the only thing predictable about her was the future she would create teaching others how to build programs and products from what they already know = their expertise.
Building programs and products from what’s already in you is Nicole’s genius! Trust it, it’s as authentic as her heart is open. Fast forward 20 PLUS years, and Nicole is up leveling her clients’ ability to bankroll the brilliance for entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, authors and corporate executives in a way that transforms lives and serves the world.
With FIERCE Factor Lab, Nicole created a company that mirrors all that she stands for as a core message maven, content strategist, talent development consultant and coach. Truth, momentum and power is charged into each business she touches, with a long-term focus and an emphasis on expanding their income and impact by creating additional revenue streams and additional avenues to serve their clients.
Her recent work with clients not just in the United States but across the globe in places like Switzerland, Aruba and the British Virgin Islands reflects the incredible need to explode your profits with a system that Nicole uses, her FIERCE Formula, that no longer allows entrepreneurs to serve from an empty cup (your bank account)
Her clients have been featured on NBC, Lifetime TV, CNN, HLN, Fox News, and many more outlets. Nicole’s work behind the scenes saves her clients time, saves them energy & makes them money.
She doesn’t apologize for her success, her failures, her past or her profit. Why should you? Nicole shares her vulnerable, authentic and inspirational messages across the globe. To learn more about working directly with Nicole, visit her at

Why Should You Come?
In ONE afternoon with me, the strategies you’ll learn WILL allow you to TRULY stand in the highest and best version of who you were created to be! It will allow you to take your gift and/or business and MAGNIFY the goals you have set for the year.  
This event is worth rearranging your schedule to attend because what I am going to share with you are the tools and systems that have not only made a fundamental difference in my life but in I have seen how the same techniques ave moved the women I have coached to truly bankroll their brilliance.


This is your invitation to go after the life and/or business you desire & deserve! Remember, your gift is the very vehicle that God placed in you to build an abundant life, all you need is the systems and tools to go after the abundance with your name on it. 

The best part is... I’ll be teaching you LIVE with lots of interaction with your local FBIs, my incredible FAB Squad (Company Ambassadors), You + Me.

P.S. Reminder: be sure to bring a notebook and a pen. I have so much content I am going to be sharing and I don’t want you to miss a thing!
P.P.S. Tell your friends on Facebook and other social media that you’re coming to meet me in a city near you and invited them to join us! There is nothing like having your TRIBE join you in your journey to FIERCE!
Get your ticket today for only $97!
Get Naked:The Hidden Drive Behind Business Success
In this 4 part audio training, Nicole shares all about what truly happens in the heart and soul of an inspired woman who decides to move into her next level, overcoming anything standing in her way and which allows her to rise both publicly and privately. It is a transparent, open and honest dialogue around what it takes to GROW you so that your professional self can elevate you into the places you are MEANT to go and the way you were MEANT to serve the world.
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